SportsLaVar Ball getting clowned about new Big Baller Brand shoes (video, photo)

LaVar Ball getting clowned about new Big Baller Brand shoes (video, photo)

LaMelo, Lonzo, LiAngelo, Tina and LaVar Ball (Image source: Instagram – @lavar)Big Baller Brand’s bodacious and bombastic boss Lavar Ball is at his brash best as he unbosoms his new BBB sneakers on a suspecting public.
The problem is that the shoes have incited a blizzard of criticism and mocking memes from sports fans and pop culture watchers alike.The patriarch of the famous Ball brothers basketball family — Lonzo and LiMelo who playing the NBA and LeAngelo who plays in the minor league system — took to Instagram to debut the shoes for his one million Instagram followers.

Ball produced another video in which the BBB founder proclaimed a comeback

Lavar got Bane mask on his Feet 😭
— Did Dillon Brooks earn 20 million today? (@LakeShowJerry) September 2, 2023

Father Ball has pivoted ever since his controversial shoe brand was widely considered among fans to have contributed to his son Lonzo Ball’s debilitating and career-stunting NBA career. Lonzo Ball is reportedly sitting out the 2022-23 season due tot he degenerative knee malady.
Lonzo Ball told Josh Hart on his podcast that he had to have his manager keep multiple pairs of BBBs on standby because of the shoes’ propensity to rip and bust during games. 
“No one knows this, but D-Mo had a backpack, and he had like an extra four pairs of shoes in there, because I had to switch them every quarter because they would just rip,” said Lonzo. “I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m not playing in them shoes.’ Like, ‘I don’t care bro.”
Despite the father detouroing in another direction with the company, the shoes have nevertheless remained the object of ridicule, perhaps even more than the original shoe line.

— Jay💲 (@Jayswizz00) September 3, 2023

Man ain’t take not one step the whole video 😭 his feet on fire 😭😭😭
— Dark Nowitzki (@laflame_6) September 3, 2023

The man’s rocking the new hey arnold’s
— Chris Reilly (@C_Reilly5) September 3, 2023

This man wearing sink drains on his feet.
— Chad Underwood (@chadunderwood) September 3, 2023

In no world are these shoes dope except maybe on planet Tattooine
— Luke LaShea (@lukelashea) September 3, 2023

Big Baller Brand in 2023
— Swaggy (@Swaggylinzalt) September 2, 2023

Source: Rolling Out

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