NewsLaVar Ball Debuts Unique New Shoe, Gets Mocked On Internet

LaVar Ball Debuts Unique New Shoe, Gets Mocked On Internet

 LaVar Ball is back with a new and unimproved shoe design, according to Sports Illustrated.
Ball posted the shoes to his Instagram account along with a caption reading, “Yeah you saw them! That’s right, these triple B’s. You know our vibe is getting tight. You’ve gotta get this shirt, ‘Greatness takes balls.’ Look how clean it is. Now if you’re into fashion, get this in black and gold. I’ma tell you what, these right here, coming soon!”

The shoes look like some kind of cross between Yeezy’s and a scuba flipper with a slit at the top. Atlanta rapper Quavo was an early endorser of the brand, according to Hot Hip Hop. The shoes have not yet been listed on the Big Baller Brand storefront but the shoes will probably be listed with the higher-end shoes, which are priced at $695 dollars.
It did not take long for the Internet to Internet, as Ball’s shoe was roasted soundly. One user referred to the shoes as “Mickey Mouse 1’s” while another compared him to “ring chasing Shaq” and others simply just laughed at him.




Man ain’t take not one step the whole video 😭 his feet on fire 😭😭😭



Source: Black Enterprise


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