SportsLA Dodgers re-sign Andrew Toles to help treat schizophrenia

LA Dodgers re-sign Andrew Toles to help treat schizophrenia

Photo credit: Keeton Gale
The Los Angeles Dodgers have re-signed former player Andrew Toles, although he has not played since 2018 due to a mental health condition.
In 2019, the baseball player stopped showing up for spring training after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, according to ABC7.Before that, Toles played three seasons for the Dodgers.
It was reported that Toles continued to be re-signed to a contract every year to maintain his health insurance, yet for 2023 he will not be paid by the team but is still considered to be a part of the organization.While he remains on contract, Toles will have access to mental health services, and receive treatment such as counseling, therapy, and medication.
For the last five years, the Dodgers have continued to assist him privately until now.
“We didn’t know that the Dodgers quietly did this, they were humble about this entire situation. They’ve been doing this for years without reporting so that just gives you a glimpse … the Dodgers really did it for a good reason and not publicity,” said LZ Granderson, L.A. Times op-ed columnist.
Toles continues to be a valued baseball player and is an example that mental illness can affect anyone.
The Dodgers have also shown the importance of the community shining a light on mental health awareness.
Source: Rolling Out


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