NewsKindergartner Honors Late Mother In Heartfelt Graduation Speech

Kindergartner Honors Late Mother In Heartfelt Graduation Speech

A valedictorian well beyond his years, 6-year-old Jaxon Carter’s heartfelt graduation speech honoring his late mother drove the audience to tears. He lost his mom, Taryn Marie Gainey, in an apartment fire right before the kindergartner started his new school last year.

Jaxon only had a few weeks to grieve his immense loss before beginning at New Dawn Academy, a charter elementary school in Sterling Heights, Michigan. As clips of his tearjerker speech went viral, the young boy’s father, Justin Carter, told Good Morning America that the school was a “last-minute” find that proved to be a “great fit” for the child.

This 6-year-old dedicates his kindergarten graduation speech to his late mother. ❤️🥺
Listen to it here:

Upon a successful year, Jaxon’s teacher asked if he would willing to deliver a graduation speech on behalf of his class. He would spend the following time leading up to his commencement to draft and memorize his 4-minute address with the help of his grandmother.
Jaxon began his speech by acknowledging how he began the school year soon after his mother’s untimely passing. He then spoke of what he learned as a kindergartner, and how his teacher and father helped him along the way.

Despite the rough start, the soon-to-be first grader has grown so much since beginning his new school, and remembered his mom all along the way.
““My kindergarten year helped me grow braver, smarter, kind-hearted, and more grateful,” he recited. “I dedicate my speech, good grades, all school awards, and my kindergarten graduation to my beautiful mommy, who I will always love and miss so very much. I know she will always be with me in my heart.”

Jaxon was joined by his father and both sets of grandparents at his graduation. A village is supporting him as he continues on his educational journey, and all work together to ensure that the memory of Jaxon’s mother lives on through him.
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