NewsKenosha Cops Seen On Video Beating Black Man Holding A Baby

Kenosha Cops Seen On Video Beating Black Man Holding A Baby

An innocent Black man was assaulted by police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and beaten while holding a baby in his arms. After taking the baby away from him, they continued to punch him on the ground to eventually discover he wasn’t even the man they were looking for—and it was all caught on video.

As a person records the scene, the police officers are seen being violent toward the unarmed man, even throwing him to the ground and throwing several hard punches at his head as he is grappled to the ground by the other two police officers in view.

Kenosha police officers wrongfully and violently arrested a Black man who was with his family, including his baby, at an Applebee’s while the suspects were in the bathroom. #policebrutality #Kenosha #BlackLivesMatter #KenoshaPoliceDepartment
Credits: Hal Mudge/Facebook

It was revealed the people they were looking for had entered the restaurant. When they were beating up the wrong man, the suspects were allegedly hiding in the bathroom.
Police officers said, “The male was being detained as the crash was being investigated. The male attempted to leave against officers’ orders and was restrained. He resisted and the incident that was caught on camera unfolded from there.”

The police admitted that he was not responsible for the hit-and-run. Yet, they charged him with disorderly conduct, resisting and obstructing an officer. The woman who was with him also received the same charges as well as possession of marijuana.
WISN reported that the Kenosha Police Department released a statement about the incident.

“The Kenosha Police Department has an internal process in place to review our officer’s use of force that is more robust than what the state requires. We were aware of the incident immediately as a result of that process and started a review of it. Currently, it is under investigation. The investigation, when complete, will be comprehensive and dictate whether the officers acted appropriately or not and if any disciplinary action or additional training is deemed necessary.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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