NewsKeke Palmer Thinks Her Retirement Is 'Around The Corner'

Keke Palmer Thinks Her Retirement Is ‘Around The Corner’

The actress covers the February issue of Teen Vogue where she opens up about her plans for an early retirement.

“I think the timer has started,” she revealed. “I think [I haven’t retired] because I just haven’t felt it yet. But the timer, I know that it’s around the corner.”

While Palmer has no idea “when exactly” she will quit acting, she does feel like the time is near. Her main goal is to leave behind a legacy that opens doors for future film stars and not gatekeep opportunities.

“The main thing I want those legacies to be is [a call] to use your power for good, to use what you have to create spaces and systems for other people to thrive,” she shared.

“I just don’t believe in holding everything. I don’t believe in gatekeeping. I’m not a coward.”

As a mother of son Leodis “Leo” Andrellton Jackson, Palmer is also focused on raising the soon-to-be one-year-old up to be curious in ways that will propel him forward.

“I want to raise him to know that if life is a school, get out there and learn,” she said.

“A part of learning in this place, I think, is to love and to know how to first be unconditionally loving to yourself, so that you know how to love others and be of service to others in a way that doesn’t disadvantage them but instead empowers them.”

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Source: Black Enterprise

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