NewsKanye West Never Cleared Single Sample From Backstreet Boys

Kanye West Never Cleared Single Sample From Backstreet Boys

It’s still a bop!

Ahead of Ye’s new album, Vultures, TMZ reports the Backstreet Boys never cleared the sample of their hit song, “Everybody,” for West’s lead single with the same title.

Fans can hear the reference from the very beginning as old-school R&B crooner Charlie Wilson starts the song off. The original version of the song and chorus can be heard before featured artist Ty Dolla $ign takes over, singing the original lyrics from the popular 1997 song.

Wilson’s recreated chorus of the song is an example of interpolation, which by definition is a cover of a segment of a song re-sung or re-played in another song. A sample clearance requires permission from both the record label and the publisher. However, because a recording isn’t present for an interpolation, only the publisher’s permission is required, according to Variety.

With the Backstreet Boys not being writers of the hit single, the credit goes to songwriters Max Martin and the late Denniz Pop. Backstreet didn’t have authority over the use of the song. Martin or Pop’s estate could have had the sample blocked but didn’t.

West may be in the clear of legal troubles surrounding the new single. Since the song has yet to be released and he isn’t receiving money for it, the rapper, also known as Ye, can play the song publicly without facing copyright violations. But his odd behavior is still being questioned.

Source: Black Enterprise


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