NewsJulianna Margulies Apologizes For Saying Blacks 'Hate Jews'

Julianna Margulies Apologizes For Saying Blacks ‘Hate Jews’

by Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton

“I am horrified by the fact that statements I made on a recent podcast offended the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities, ‘The Morning Show’ actress said

The Good Wife Star Julianna Margulies is being chastised after she called out Black and LGBTQ+ people supportive of Palestine against its dispute with Israel. While appearing on the “Back Room” podcast hosted by Andy Ostroy, she commented on the war going on and said that the “entire Black community” has been “brainwashed to hate Jews.” Now, she is backtracking after the outrage over her words.

Deadline reported that the Jewish actress responded to the backlash over her statements, saying her “words” were not meant to “sow further division.”

In her discussion with Ostroy, Margulies took issue with the Black community for not “embracing” Jews when she said that “in the civil rights movement, the Jews were the ones that walked side by side with the Blacks to fight for their rights.”
She went on to make a statement that infuriated people who heard the podcast or heard about what she said when it went viral, “The fact that the entire Black community isn’t standing with us to me says either they just don’t know, or they’ve been brainwashed to hate Jews.”

Shortly after her comments became controversial, according to EW, a statement was expected to come from The Morning Show actress.
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Source: Black Enterprise

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