NewsJudge Rules Maurnice DeClue Won't Be Tried As An Adult For Fight

Judge Rules Maurnice DeClue Won’t Be Tried As An Adult For Fight

The judge’s decision follows a testimony from a juvenile officer and teachers who regarded DeClue as an exceptional student.

A St. Louis judge has ruled that 15-year-old Maurnice DeClue, charged after severely beating her classmate, Kaylee Gain, to the point of a coma, will not face charges as an adult.

The judge’s decision ensures the case remains confined to the juvenile justice system. According to The Daily Mail, this comes after testimony from a juvenile officer earlier in May claimed 16-year-old Gain was a persistent bully who tormented DeClue and instigated the March 8 altercation by throwing the first punch.

According to those who know her, DeClue was an exceptional student without any prior behavioral issues. The defense called multiple witnesses, including instructors who taught both girls, who vouched for DeClue’s impeccable conduct and academic prowess. Spanish teacher Richard Bly described her as a “model student” and confirmed her remarkable grades, which enabled her to skip the 7th grade.

At the hearing, DeClue’s mother expressed profound regret over the incident while asserting her daughter acted in justifiable self-defense. “My family, my church, we all prayed for KG [Kaylee Gain]…I think [my daughter] was just defending herself, I don’t think she had any intent or thought this would happen,” she stated, adding “We are very sorry.”

Gain had already been suspended for fighting another student the day before. As previously covered by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Gain’s father, Clinton Gain, disclosed text messages suggesting the two teens had mutually agreed to the physical altercation stemming from tensions between their respective friend circles at Hazelwood East High School near St. Louis.

Daily Mail stated that Clinton shed light on his daughter’s turbulent upbringing impacted by parental substance abuse and a period of dysfunction between him and her mother, April Nordstrom, offering context that partially aligned with the juvenile officer’s assessment.

The viral video showed DeClue repeatedly slamming Gain’s head into the sidewalk, causing a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging. During the hearing, Gain’s stepmother revealed that the assault left Gain facing immense challenges, forcing her to reacquire basic abilities like walking and speaking. While grappling with persistent gaps in her memory, the teen has been required to don a custom-fitted protective headgear to shield her injured brain.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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