NewsJonathan Majors Dropped By Marvel Studios And Disney

Jonathan Majors Dropped By Marvel Studios And Disney

by Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton

The actor was slated to portray Kang in “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty”

That final shoe may have just fallen after Marvel Studios and Disney dropped actor Jonathan Majors after his conviction for assaulting his former girlfriend.

Neither Marvel nor Disney have made any public comments, nor have they released any plans on whether the role of Kang will be recast or if this changes their upcoming plans for the franchise in general.

During the trial, his attorney, Priya Chaudhry, stated that her client was the victim of “white lies, big lies, and pretty little lies” by Jabbari so she could carry out revenge on someone who may have been unfaithful. After the dispute took place and she allegedly went partying with strangers after the incident, he saw her passed out on the bed. He contacted authorities and was then arrested when they came to the scene.

“He called 911 out of concern for her, and his fear of what happens when a Black man in America came true,” Chaudhry said.
But prosecutor Kelli Galaway said that Majors was following a “well-worn playbook” that is used by abusers to show their victims as attackers.

“This is not a revenge plot to ruin the defendant’s life or his career,” Galaway said. “You were asked why you are here? Because domestic violence is serious.”
The next court date for the Creed III actor is scheduled for Feb. 6. He is looking at a possible year in jail for the assault conviction.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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