NewsJohnathan Majors Faces Civil Suit Filed By Grace Jabbari

Johnathan Majors Faces Civil Suit Filed By Grace Jabbari

Johnathan Majors has been sued by Grace Jabbari for defamation and assault three months after his trial.

Johnathan Majors is now being sued directly by his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari for defamation and assault. The lawsuit comes three months after the Marvel actor was found guilty by a jury on the matter.

The federal lawsuit was filed in New York on March 19. Within the court document, Jabbari listed battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and malicious prosecution and defamation. The British choreographer also claimed additional instances of domestic abuse by Majors during their years-long relationship.

“Soon after, Grace disclosed the physical abuse to a member of Jonathan’s management team in an effort to get him help. Majors was furious when he learned that Grace had outed him as an abuser,” the lawsuit read.

The 31-year-old also detailed incidents of verbal abuse and intense anger projected at her. In regards to defamation, the lawsuit states that Majors continued to vilify her after his December conviction.

“When publicly confronted with Grace’s numerous allegations of abuse, Majors has called her a liar at every turn and very specifically claimed that he has never put his hands on a woman, with the goal of convincing the world that Grace is not a victim of domestic abuse but instead a crazy liar who should be treated as such,” said the lawsuit.

However, Major’s defense team expressed that they expected Jabbari to pursue further legal action. Priya Chaudry, Majors’ lawyer, responded briefly in an email to NBC News.

This is no surprise,” said Chaudhry. “Mr. Majors is preparing counterclaims against Ms. Jabbari.”

Majors is also dealing with two other abuse allegations from past partners. However, Majors maintained his innocence on Jabbari’s claims despite the guilty verdict. He spoke in an interview with ABC News in January about his confusion on the outcome.

“I’m standing there and the verdict comes down. I say … ‘How is that possible?” he said. “Based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence, let alone our evidence, how is that possible?”

Majors was found guilty of harassment and misdemeanor assault in the jury trial, expecting to be sentenced on April 8.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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