CultureJamahl King shares inspiration for Because We Met event

Jamahl King shares inspiration for Because We Met event

Photo courtesy of K RIV Productions-Kinasa Rivers
Jamahl King is the founder of the 22-year-old event production house, S.T.E.P.S. Event Planning Firm.
As a Morehouse College graduate, the event planner originally started in sales at MCI but decided to explore the business side of the entertainment industry.Using his skills as a networker and businessman King uses his eye for detail to create memorable private events such as rolling out’s recent event “Because We Met.” The event was all about HBCU love, Black excellence, and innovation.
King shared his creative process.What inspired you to get into event planning?
Atlanta in the 1990s was magical. The entertainment industry was booming and those big-name stars wanted a place to shine. I was working a typical after-college desk job but I saw an opening. I knew I was organized and had a special knack for bringing the right people together so I started producing company events and before long it segued into larger affairs. Eventually, I quit my day job to focus on the business of party planning, and to date, we have such clients as Keith Sweat, DTLR, Camille Rose, Ne-Yo, V-103 Atlanta, Fearless Fund, and rolling out just to name a few.
What was it like bringing “Because We Met” to life?
This was an incredible opportunity to pair the evolving face of technology with a crowd on the cutting edge. The Illuminarium brings the digital world to life. It beautifully provided a uniquely futuristic immersive experience for our guests. The idea was simply to wow our amazing crowd with this innovative new vehicle, Genesis. As a graduate of Morehouse College myself, I will always jump at the chance to celebrate HBCUs and Black excellence.
What is your creative process?
The venue is key for any event, so I know that picking the right one sets the tone. The Illuminarium was such a perfect jumping-off point, and the sky was the limit when it came to adding our special touches. From our breathtaking violin player to the transitioning graphics lining the walls, doubling as décor, and even our signature black carpet experience, I did my best to ensure this was an evening not soon to be forgotten.
Why do we need events like this in the community?
Keeping our community inspired is necessary to pique the interest of the upcoming generation. I wholeheartedly believe that these next movers and shakers will be the ones to change the world for the better. I hope to always be at the forefront of working with powerful brands that understand supporting and motivating our community is best for the global good.

Source: Rolling Out

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