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Jadarrius Rose Was ‘Afraid For His Life’ When Cops Released K9 On Him

The Ohio Black man attacked by a police dog with his hands up has opened up about the traumatic experience. Jadarrius Rose sat down with NBC News’ Tom Llamas on Top Story with Tom Llamas on Thursday, July 27. 

Rose described being terrified of being killed and that fearing for his life initially prevented him from stopping his vehicle when police attempted to stop him in his truck. “I just didn’t want to lose my life or lose my arm,” Rose told NBC News. 
In the interview, Rose’s civil rights attorney, Ben Crump, agreed that he had good reason to fear for his life. He described the incident as racially charged and an abuse of power reminiscent of the travesties conducted during the Civil Rights Movement.

Crump said, “[Rose] was on his knees, putting his hands in the air, which is the universal sign of surrender. What more can a Black person do to say that ‘I’m not putting you in fear’?” He even pointed out that Rose called 911 during the incident and told the operator that he was scared the police would kill him if he stopped the car during the chase. 
Audio released by the Ohio authorities relayed the conversation between Rose and the dispatcher. When instructed to roll down his window and stop, he responded, “I did that the last time, and all of them had their guns pointed at me. You think I feel safe?”

As reported earlier this week, 23-year-old Rose was attacked by a police dog after a car chase with Ohio State Highway Patrol on July 4. The vehicle chase ensued after a motor carrier enforcement inspector from the highway patrol tried to stop Rose as he was driving a semi-truck because the semi “was missing a left rear mud flap.”
The body camera footage showed Rose finally pulling the semi over and getting out with his hands up. The body camera footage showed one highway patrol trooper yelling at Officer Ryan Speakman, the one with the dog, “Do not release the dog with his hands up!”

Soon after instructing Speakman not to sic the dog on Rose, the officer disobeyed and let the dog go. The dog attacked Rose and bit him multiple times while officers watched.
Rose was then charged with “failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer,” and Speakman was fired.

Source: Black Enterprise


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