NewsIsabella Strahan Shares Vlog As She Prepares For Chemotherapy

Isabella Strahan Shares Vlog As She Prepares For Chemotherapy

Michael Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter, Isabella Strahan, continues sharing her health journey as she prepares for chemotherapy to fight brain cancer.

Michael Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter, Isabella Strahan, continued sharing her health journey battling brain cancer.

In the latest installment of her YouTube vlog series, the college student and model prepared for surgery to implant a chemotherapy port in her chest at Duke University Hospital Cancer Center. “I’m getting my port placed today, which is a device that goes on your chest for administering chemo, getting my blood drawn, all that fun stuff,” Isabella said in a Feb. 7 video titled, “Vlog #6: Needles are no fun!”

“It’s not my fav,” Isabella admitted as she nervously awaited the prerequisite IV drip. In the video, she appears to flinch through the needle prick before she confirms with a little relief, “It didn’t hurt that bad.” Healthcare professionals faced some difficulty finding her veins, and a second try required an ultrasound guide as Isabella repeated the process of having the IV inserted.

The teen faced her day, smiling through her discomfort. Waiting for the next round of tests and procedures, the vlog cuts to Isabella playing cards with her aunt during a break in her busy treatment schedule. “I got an IV put in for this kidney thing…never fun,” she shared. “Healing from my port surgery…not fun at all. I now have a wire in my chest. They just put radioactive dye in my body, and then I have a blood draw, and then an EKG, then I have another blood draw, then I have an MRI. So it’s a busy day.”

The tumor was removed on Oct. 27 before Isabella began a month of rehabilitation and several rounds of radiation treatment.

Source: Black Enterprise


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