NewsIs Fat Joe An Opp For Copping Those Trump Sneakers?

Is Fat Joe An Opp For Copping Those Trump Sneakers?

Fat Joe speaks on social media defending his choice to collect Trump’s new sneakers despite claims he’s a sell out.

The internet has mixed feelings on Fat Joe’s latest shoe purchase. The rapper defended himself for copping Trump’s controversial new sneaker amid a sea of naysayers thinking he’s an Opp.

The rapper posted on social media to speak his truth about why he bought the shoe, suggesting that his avid shoe collection may trump his politics. The Neighborhood Talk shared the footage on its Instagram.

“I had to get my hand on the Trumps,” explained the entertainer. “Get me the Trumps please…They think I’m fronting. But listen, I have thousands and thousands and thousands of pairs of sneakers. When everyone flipped on Kanye, I bought the two most exclusive Kanyes ever. I had to get my hands on them.”

“Once again, I’m not a Trumper. I dislike Trump. I’m not voting for him, not now, not ever,” shared the 53-year-old. But I’m a sneaker collector into the art so I had to find these….I collect sneakers; the rarer, the better. No I didn’t pay for these sneakers, sorry…they knew I had to have them, because I’m the biggest in the game.”

“Chile, he threw your people paper towels when they were in dire need, and you do this,” questioned the naysayer.

Another user noted how Fat Joe’s claims that he does not support him, yet promoting his shoes still endorses his character.

“So you just endorsed him and his wack a** shoes that he made specifically for the black community…,” wrote a commenter while also typing the clown emoji.

I wake up and see that Fat Joe has been stripped of his Hip Hop legend status due to him having a pair of Trump sneakers (January 6’s)— Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) February 28, 2024

However, some are calling it a lucrative purchase, claiming that the shoe’s value will be worth hundreds of thousands in a few years.

Many are considering Fat Joe a sell-out for receiving the shoes, even if he did not pay for them, because of Trump’s politics, which he claims don’t align with his own. Despite the notion that keeping the sneakers means he does not stand on business, it’s evident that Fat Joe won’t make a return anytime soon.

Source: Black Enterprise


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