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India Arie Is Critical Of Megan Thee Stallion’s Twerk Camp At Essence Festival Performance

Megan Thee Stallion helped close out Essence Festival on Sunday night and brought some Hotties on stage for a twerktastic Hot Girl Bootcamp session.

However, when Essence posted a video of the twerking session, veteran R&B soul singer India Arie left a comment expressing her disapproval.
“Hot girl BootCamp was in full effect last night,” Essence captioned the post captured by The Neighborhood Talk. “It’s Janelle Monae with the encouragement for us.”

“The issue is what is CONTEXT,” Arie quipped. “Humanity does EVERYTHING. But does EVERYTHING BELONG IN A STAGE.”

Arie went on to note how everything does not belong on stage, nor is everything for kids or big audiences.

“So when we as a culture make something like this mainstream, it shows a lack of discretion and discernment,” she explained.
While she said anyone who supports Meg’s twerk session at Essence Fest has “the right” to support it, she also said there are just as many people who want our “mainstream” representation to “show us in a respectful light.”
The “Brown Skin” singer went “on the record” in expressing her issue that Meg’s Hot Girl Bootcamp performance “won’t age well.” Arie also shared her love for both Megan and Janell Monae, which is why she didn’t “like this moment.”

Fans shared their take on India Arie’s rant, with one explaining the history of Essence Festival performances and why Arie wasn’t too far off in her sentiments.
“Ok before y’all get mad at India Essence Fest is not known for having these kinds of “performances”. The sets are more classy and showcasing elegance , soul and black excellence,” they wrote.

“She isn’t denouncing this as a whole she just doesn’t feel that Essence Fest was the place for the hot girl twerkalator boot camp.”
Another fan agreed.
“She is right. Essence magazine, EssenceFest etc was for the classy, sophisticated Black woman. This is not the EBT awards, it’s not MTV,” they wrote.
Others debated saying there is a new generation of adult Black women who much like Megan and Janell, are fine with feeling liberated in their bodies and sexuality. Plus, it’s Hot Girl Summer!
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Source: Black Enterprise


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