NewsIdris Elba Opens Up About Workaholic Habits and Therapy

Idris Elba Opens Up About Workaholic Habits and Therapy

Renowned British actor Idris Elba recently revealed that he’s grappling with his identity as a self-proclaimed “workaholic” and is currently in therapy to address what he described as “unhealthy habits.”

In an episode of the Changes with Annie Macmanus podcast released Oct. 2, Elba shared that he’s been undergoing therapy for approximately a year, As reported by CNN.
“In my therapy, I’ve been thinking a lot about changing,” Elba stated in the Changes with Annie Macmanus podcast. “It’s not because I don’t like myself or anything like that. It’s just that I have some unhealthy habits that have just really formed.”

Elba’s profession, the entertainment industry, often rewards these very habits. “I’m a workaholic. I’m an absolute workaholic,” he admitted. “And that isn’t great for life, generally. Nothing that’s too extreme is good. Everything needs balance.”
The Emmy-nominated actor recognized that the entertainment world tends to celebrate individuals who can say, “I’m not going to see my family for six months,” as they immerse themselves in their work. He acknowledged the need to “adjust” these patterns, even though he humorously stated that working less wasn’t an option.

Elba pointed out a peculiar aspect of his work-life balance. “The things that make me relaxed end up being work,” he noted. He cited the example that after spending ten days on a film set, he finds working in his home studio more relaxing than “sitting on the sofa watching TV with the family, which is bad, right?”


Source: Black Enterprise

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