NewsHoward Student Recruited For WWE Wrestling Program

Howard Student Recruited For WWE Wrestling Program

Though she’s made her athletic career as a track star, Khan is excited to branch out into professional wrestling.

Darci Khan, a senior track star at Howard University, has been recruited as part of a WWE training program, designed to coach the next generation of professional wrestlers, News 4 Washington reported.

Khan, who is an art major at Howard University, did not always want to run track. Instead, it was pushed on her. “My love for track came by force,” she told News 4. “My mom forced me to run track when I was in high school, and I hated it.” Despite this, Khan had a natural talent for the sport and the joy of winning eventually led her to continue. Now, she is pivoting in a new direction – wrestling. 

Out of the 14 selected applicants for this year’s Next in Line program, Khan is the only student from an HBCU, which means a lot for the young athlete. “I’ve always wanted to represent young Black women,” she shared. “I’ve always wanted to represent HBCUs.”

Though she’s made her athletic career as a track star, Khan is excited to branch out into wrestling, and views the program not only as an opportunity but a challenge as well. “I want to see what it’s like and how my body will do with wrestling, because it’s a lot of slamming and flips and kicking, and I just want to see what that’s like on my body,” she said. 

Having grown up in gymnastics and cheerleading, Khan is also familiar with the agility and skill required to become a formidable wrestler. “I actually am not nervous at all,” she continued. “I feel like I would be a great wrestler. Because I feel like I have the dramatics. I have the skills.” 

After completing the program, NIL cohort members are eligible to apply for a contract with WWE.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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