NewsHouston Families Fall Victim to Funeral Director Imposter

Houston Families Fall Victim to Funeral Director Imposter

Authorities are investigating a case involving a 26-year-old man, Javian Major, accused of exploiting grieving families by posing as a funeral home director.

“This is a case that absolutely turned my stomach because you’re dealing with people at the most vulnerable time of their lives after they lost somebody that they loved and cared for,” remarked Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable for Precinct 1, during a press conference.

The alleged scam involved Major reaching out to victims through social media or mutual connections, masquerading as a licensed funeral director. Promising to manage funeral arrangements, Major failed to fulfill his commitments, exploiting the trust of grieving families.

During the press conference, Ernest A’akquanakhann, Greenleaf’s brother, disclosed that Major had forged signatures to access insurance funds. While Major was charged in the Greenleaf case, several other victims shared harrowing experiences.

One woman recounted paying Major to embalm her deceased son, only to discover the shocking state of his body during a late-night viewing at a church in a questionable neighborhood. Major’s deceit became evident as he falsely claimed the church always had a foul smell. “The smell just hit us,” the grieving mother said, describing the distressing encounter.

The ongoing investigation seeks justice for the victims who fell prey to Major’s heartless exploitation, emphasizing the need for vigilance when dealing with individuals claiming to offer funeral services during times of grief.

Source: Black Enterprise


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