NewsHere's How Over 50K Police Guns Were Used In Violent Crimes

Here’s How Over 50K Police Guns Were Used In Violent Crimes

This number is alarming…..

New data reveals close to 52,529 guns from police departments ended up being used in violent crimes. 

Records from hundreds of law enforcement agencies across state lines found several guns were resold or traded in, an issue that has put guns in the hands of thousands of criminals. Guns were resold guns to dealers for discounted rates for new equipment or, on a case-by-case basis, sold directly to officers within the agency. Those guns would later be used in shootings, domestic violence cases, and more. 

In the same mid-western city in the same year as Brown’s murder, police seized an old, fully loaded Iowa State Patrol pistol from a man arrested for allegedly choking a woman. 

Former ATF division chief Scot Thomasson feels police departments who resell weapons violate the promise to protect the citizens they serve. “Taxpayers are buying firearms that are then resold for pennies on the dollar and ultimately ending up in criminals’ hands,” Thomasson, who is now a consultant for SafeGunLock, said. 

“It is absolutely ridiculous.”

But some agents feel where the guns land after resale isn’t their issue. “It’s a legal transaction,” Stanislaus County, California, Sheriff Jeff Dirkse said. “So, if I legally sold my old used patrol car and somebody uses that in the commission of a crime, is that our responsibility? I would say no.”

A department spokesperson said the firearms were traded in under past leadership as a cost-saving effort and that the department currently “has no plans to upgrade its service weapons.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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