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HBCU Grad Turned Psychologist Releases New Book to Improve Emotional Intelligence in Black Boys

Nationwide — Dr. Delarious O. Stewart, a Black scholar and practitioner in child psychology and counseling, has just released Cool, Calm, Collected: Jamal’s Journey to Managing His Anger, a captivating and empowering children’s book that aims to guide children on a transformative journey towards understanding and managing their anger using effective counseling strategies.

The book addresses the important issue of anger management in children with an intentional focus on Black boys. It follows the adventures of Jamal, a young and energetic protagonist who discovers the power of self-regulation and learns how to navigate his emotions.

Dr. Stewart comments, “Young Black boys often face unique challenges that can contribute to feelings of anger and frustration. It is crucial that their emotional well-being is prioritized and that they are provided with the tools to navigate their emotions effectively.”

With the aim of helping children understand and cope with anger in a healthy way, the book offers practical strategies and guidance that are both educational and engaging. The book provides valuable insights into counseling techniques tailored for young readers, incorporating interactive exercises, thought-provoking questions, and relatable scenarios.

The book also challenges societal norms and stereotypes that often perpetuate the harmful idea that expressing emotions is a sign of weakness or a departure from traditional masculinity.

“This message can be particularly detrimental to black males, who face unique challenges and cultural expectations,” says Dr. Stewart. “My desire is to challenge these norms and redefine masculinity by emphasizing emotional intelligence, mental health, and self-expression as strengths.”

Key features of the book include:

1. Engaging storytelling: The narrative style captivates young readers, keeping them invested in Jamal’s emotional journey and fostering empathy.

2. Empowering counseling strategies: The book introduces proven techniques that encourage emotional awareness, self-control, and healthy expression of feelings.

3. Interactive elements: Thoughtful prompts and activities allow children to reflect on their emotions and practice newly acquired coping mechanisms.

4. Beautiful illustrations: Vibrant and expressive illustrations bring the story to life, creating an immersive reading experience.

5. Education and awareness: The book works to dismantle the notion that emotions are incompatible with masculinity and empower young Black boys to embrace their emotional well-being fully. By erasing the social schemas that stigmatize emotional vulnerability, we hope to empower young black boys to lead happier, healthier lives and break free from the constraints of toxic masculinity

6. Additional resources for parents and educators: “Cool, Calm, Collected” includes a helpful guide with practical tips and suggestions for parents and educators on supporting children dealing with anger.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Dr. Stewart is available for interviews about the book, school mental health and Black men’s mental health.

About the Author:
Dr. Delarious O. Stewart is an expert in child psychology and counseling. With years of experience working with children in schools and clinical settings, he has a passion for helping young minds develop healthy emotional intelligence. Dr. Stewart is credentialed as a professional school counselor, school psychologist and licensed professional counselor. Dr. Stewart is a graduate of Southern University and A&M College, the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and Jackson State University with graduate degrees in counseling, special education, child development and school psychology.

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