NewsGwenna Hunter Makes History With Her Vegan Food Bank In LA

Gwenna Hunter Makes History With Her Vegan Food Bank In LA

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Gwenna Hunter is making it her priority to provide healthy food for her community.

The Vegans of Los Angeles Food Bank is Hunter’s solution to providing wholesome foods to her Southern California community that excludes animals. According to a statement by VegansOfLA, Hunter has established the first-of-its-kind vegan food bank in Los Angeles.

Vegans of LA is a vegan and Black-owned idea with a mission and vision to provide a vital source of nourishment for individuals and families of the community. “… That’s why we want to increase their food options by adding a vegan menu to the mix! You’ll enjoy the many benefits of a food bank with the option of choosing vegan alternatives to feed you and help you live your ideals,” the food bank’s website stated.
The food bank works to help every visitor “Build-A-Bag” of groceries from its selection of in-season, local farm fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, beans, and other donated plant-based products.

The Vegans of LA Food Bank is in partnership with Hope on Union with donors that include All Vegetarian Inc., Califia Farms, Chobani, Omni Foods, Just Eggs, and more. Vegans of LA uses its blog to spread awareness of their cause through vegan podcasts, news, and events to educate the community and boost vegan representation in the media.

Source: Black Enterprise


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