NewsGross! Harvard Removes Book With Binding Made Of Human Skin

Gross! Harvard Removes Book With Binding Made Of Human Skin

That’s just nasty….

Harvard University recently made a decision to remove a book with human skin binding from the campus library.

Houghton took accountability for the oversight, saying, “Stewardship practices failed to meet the level of ethical standards.” They also admitted the book was made available to anyone who requested it and never questioned the reasoning. According to ABC News, a library associate once revealed the book was used to “haze” Houghton student employees years ago by asking them to “retrieve the book without being told it included human remains.” 

With all the facts known, Library associates answered some grueling questions about why the book stayed in Harvard’s possession this long. Anne-Marie Eze, Houghton’s associate librarian and task force chair who spearheaded the efforts, said this process has been going on for years, but they needed confirmation. 

She apologized on behalf of the library and promised that the University is “determined to move forward with care.”

“We apologize on behalf of Harvard Library for past failures in our stewardship of the book that further objectified and compromised the dignity of the human being at the center,” Hyry said. 

“We are determined to move forward with care, sensitivity, and ethical responsibility and are committed to best practices in the field, including reflection and correcting historical errors.”

While the binding was removed, the book will remain in a secure storage space at the Harvard Library.

Source: Black Enterprise


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