NewsGroceries Is The New Splurge Trend For Millennials And Gen-Z

Groceries Is The New Splurge Trend For Millennials And Gen-Z

Gen Z doesn’t seem to mind an expensive grocery bill while choosing more high-quality snacks and beverages.

Spending money on groceries seems to be a top spending priority for millennials and Gen-Z, according to a new report from McKinsey & Company.

Interestingly, the shift in spending habits among millennials is not solely driven by new parenthood. A significant health element is also at play. Consumers, on average, anticipate spending more on fresh produce, meat and dairy, and center-store categories like shelf-stable foods or frozen foods. This change is reflected in their shopping habits, as one female millennial from Ohio shared, “We’ve been shopping at the grocery store more often to buy things that are healthier for us.”

“And in the process, we get to save money and spend time with each other cooking and eating together. So it’s really a win–win for everybody.

“I definitely think it’s important to have a healthy balance, and splurging helps to enjoy life a lot more.”

As there is a push for healthier eating, millennials continue to eat meat at increasing levels. According to Supermarket News, Millennials spent the most on average per purchase under $17 per purchase. Gen Xers account for 32% of sales and baby boomers made the list as the most frequent meat purchasers — 53 times per year. 

Source: Black Enterprise

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