NewsGrave For Megan Thee Stallion's Mom Under Tighter Security

Grave For Megan Thee Stallion’s Mom Under Tighter Security

The gravesite of Megan Thee Stallion’s mother is under tighter security following threats made by Nicki Minaj fans after its location was exposed.

According to TMZ, the heightened safety measures came after a rap beef ensued between Megan and Minaj after the Houston Hottie dropped her controversial new single, “Hiss.” Minaj took offense to a lyric regarding “Megan’s Law,” which was created to ensure the public was aware of sex offenders living in their area due to her husband, Kenneth Petty, being a registered sex offender due to an attempted rate conviction in 1995.

Thomas was a Houston-based rapper whose stage name was “HollyHood.” The matriarch was an inspiration for Megan to begin a crap career, and her untimely passing due to her severe illness took a toll on the Grammy winner, who shared her struggles of hitting “rock bottom” without her parents here to help her in her song “Cobra.”

The current attention on Megan’s mother comes from Minaj, who has continuously brought up her passing in recent days, even going to X in a deleted post for the 28-year-old femcee to “conjure up” her deceased loved one. The mother of one also accused Megan of “lying on her dead mama” multiple times, even including the phrase in her response song. In validating the low blow, Minaj argued that Megan first ignited the fire by throwing shade at her family.

In conclusion, this is childish.

Source: Black Enterprise


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