NewsGood American Clothing Company Faces Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Amid Cancer Diagnosis

Good American Clothing Company Faces Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Amid Cancer Diagnosis

Clothing company Good American is facing legal action from a former employee who alleges wrongful termination in October 2023.

According to the Good American website, the company was founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede in 2016. The brand’s mission is to provide women’s clothing crafted by women, catering to all body shapes. From its beginnings, Good American has transformed into an iconic and all-encompassing fashion brand. Neither Kardashian nor Grede were named in the lawsuit.

Brooke, the person named as the plaintiff, initially joined the company as an intern in 2019 and reportedly climbed the professional ladder, but faced dismissal shortly after requesting to work remotely due to a cancer diagnosis in 2023.

Brooke received commendable performance reviews, multiple promotions, and salary increases throughout her tenure. The former intern ascended to the position of Marketing Coordinator in June 2021 and subsequently transitioned to the social media team in June 2022. She also received a bump in pay.

A performance review from February 2022 characterized her as a “team player who gets the job done” and was a high-pressure performer. It highlighted her as a “great multitasker” and an “asset to the team,” emphasizing her dedication and going “above and beyond.” Further demonstrating her competence, she received another raise in February 2023.

However, after informing her employer about her cancer diagnosis in June 2023, the situation took a turn for the worse. Despite providing doctor’s notes recommending her to work from home due to health vulnerabilities, Brooke alleges facing negative comments from executives.

She asserted that she was advised to take a medical leave of absence versus working remotely. Brooke had previously been allowed to do so.

In September 2023, her doctor recommended remote work to minimize physical contact to reduce the risk of respiratory infections. Despite her positive track record, she was terminated in October 2023. Good American cited “company-wide layoffs”‘” affecting a dozen employees, but the former worker claims her dismissal was a result of her cancer.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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