SportsGolf pro Roger Steele shares the perfect hit and why Black people...

Golf pro Roger Steele shares the perfect hit and why Black people should play

Roger Steele is more than a golfer; he advocates for many Black people looking to get into the sport. Steele has been able to work with some of the top names in the golf space, and through that, he has built connections and learned about life and business. Steele wants to be able to do that with his platform.
Check out his interview with rolling out.Why did you choose golf?
I was introduced to the game through my father, who was a police officer in the city. I didn’t like golf as a kid because I didn’t have any peers playing. Everybody was in Chicago trying to be their version of Michael Jordan. Through getting introduced to the game and my father spending that time with me there, I learned etiquette, how the game was played, and how to swing a little bit. When I came back to the game as an adult and I matured, I realized that this was something that taught me about myself and allowed me opportunities to meet others and travel the world. The people I’ve met now through golf, some of my homies in my phone book, there’s no other way I would have met them if it wasn’t for the golf course.Why should Black people get involved in golf?
Black people need to play golf because a lot of people fought for the right for us to play golf. It’s not just a luxury or a privilege that we have; it’s like an opportunity and our responsibility to keep paving the way for people who fought this hard for us to have access to the sport. The other benefit is that few Black people spend enough time in nature. I think that a lot of us need to get outside because I believe that when you spend time in nature, that’s how you tap into your creativity. It helps you connect with yourself and get more in tune with your thoughts. I keep saying the networking opportunities are unprecedented. I don’t care what profession you’re in, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, banker, or plumber. If you add golf to that, I guarantee you will increase your career and life trajectory.
What does the perfect hit consist of?
Golf is all about imagination. The thing that people fall in love with about golf is that all of it parallels life. I have a day, and I wake up, and then I have this hole, which is the goal, and I have to look at the things that the day has given me and decide how things are going to work out or how to make things work out. On certain days, you have to be aggressive and defensive, go high and go low, pay attention to the elements, and see what the world has given you before you pick the path that you want to take.

Source: Rolling Out


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