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Gilbert Arenas says he heard Halle Berry slept with Harvey Weinstein for roles

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas caused consternation and commotion when he said he overheard convicted sexual pervert Harvey Weinstein insinuate that Halle Berry slept her way into certain roles.
The former Washington Wizard-turned-podcast host of “Gil’s Arena” took listeners back 20 years — long before the #MeToo movement and before Weinstein’s conviction on rape and sexual assault — when Weinstein sat with his friends at an NBA game that Arenas played in.The oft-outspoken Arnenas, 41, reminisced about the alleged conversation that took place directly behind him where Weinstein discussed Berry, 57, allegedly exchanging sexual favors for big roles.
“In 2003-2004, I went to the playoff series and Halle Berry is walking by. I’m like, ‘Oh s—, Halle Berry, bro. Fine!’ And there was like four or five White dudes sitting there. Now, Harvey Weinstein was one of them. I’m not in the front. There’s the front row, and then there was a little space and then the first row after that, so like the second row. And they were sitting there talking about, ‘Oh, now she’s acting like she doesn’t know us?. S—, she wasn’t saying that when she needed that part.’”

Gil should’ve kept this story in the tuck cause there’s most likely a term for what he’s describing & I’m sure Halle doesn’t want to relive that.
— OG Slim (@Jody_McFly) December 26, 2023

Arenas continued with the innuendo that Berry capitulated to the men’s allegedly sordid demands.
“Every single one of them [had sex with Berry]. I was like, ‘Noo, not her. Noo, not them. Yuck! Damn, they got The Berry. And I don’t really know when people seen the Harvey Weinstein and all that, and the Bill Cosby, and pills, and… How do you think them ugly motherf—–s was getting the h—? You think they was getting the h— off their looks? Nooo. They gotta promise s—. ‘Yeah, I’ll get you a part in this and this and this.’ That’s how all of them … There’s only a few stand-up n—– in there. Like 50 Cent, because he was famous first. Now, he’s in Hollywood. He already has his power. So, he don’t have to do nothing.”
It must be noted that the story is unsubstantiated and Arenas did not provide any receipts to back up his claims. Berry has yet to publicly deny or confirm Arenas’ alleged recollection.
As most of pop culture knows, Weinstein was convicted in 2020 and sentenced to 23 years in prison for being a serial sexual predator that dates back to the 1970s.
Some fans were not appreciative of Arenas bringing this story back up, especially since he could not corroborate what he claimed he heard. Others, on the contrary, believe what Arenas said and added that this was the state of Hollywood in the pre-#MeToo era.

Wait, yall thought Halle got roles without sleeping with people? She’s not even a good actress! 10+ years ago rumors were out that she slept with people to get parts, Gil just confirming the rumors 🤷🏿‍♂️.
— Bigdan2481 (@bigdan2481) December 25, 2023

This is a weird mf
— B-Moe (@bmoe_careful) December 26, 2023

Damn #HalleBerry was busting it wide open for acting roles??? All this according to #GilbertArenas no wonder poor #TarajiPHenson is frustrated with her pay. #Hollyweird
— Angie (@Angietweets12) December 26, 2023

So what if she did, who in the phuck would’ve believed her or protected her? You #gilbertarenas? Since when do youse protect or believe blk women. I believe MOST women in Hollywood did this to get parts. Love you @halleberry ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!! @unwinewithtasha
— karm (@karmenpiper3) December 26, 2023

Gilbert Arenas might find himself in hot water after he claims WITHOUT PROOF that he overheard Harvey Weinstein and some guys talk about giving Halle Berry movie roles in exchange for sexual favors #halleberry #gilbertarenas #harveyweinstein #fyp #ayoveezy
— 📍Your Source For Pop Culture News📍 (@AyoVeezy) December 26, 2023

Source: Rolling Out

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