LifestyleFrost to release first album in 2024, promises surprises for fans

Frost to release first album in 2024, promises surprises for fans

He is an actor, singer and dancer, and there are no limits to where Myles Frost’s career will go. 

The Silver Spring, Maryland, native won the 2022 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of Michael Jackson in Broadway’s “MJ the Musical.” He can now be seen as Trayvon Martin in the film “Origin,” which is now in New York and Los Angeles but will be widely released in January.

“Origin” is based on the book “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson. The significance of portraying Martin is not lost on Frost. In a recent interview on the Washington Informer’s “Informer LIVE,” he spoke about taking on the role.

“Trayvon Martin had a big hand in the Black Lives Matter movement. He had a big hand in being the catalyst for Isabel Wilkerson to write the book “Caste” in the first place, said Frost. “Outside of portraying him, it’s knowing that he is a part of something so much larger.”

Frost was approached about auditioning for “Origin” while he was still starring in “MJ” on Broadway. He met with DuVernay, followed by sending in an audition tape, and now, Frost is in his first major feature film. 

Frost Adds to His Credits 

The film is just one of many projects that has kept Frost busy. In June, he appeared at the Kennedy Center in the world premiere of the National Symphony Orchestra’s “Rent in Concert.” Probably his most heartfelt accomplishment is Frost’s graduation from Bowie State University (BSU) on Dec. 21. Completing his degree was a promise Frost made to his grandmother Hattie Strayhorn, who was in the audience at the graduation ceremony. In addition to receiving his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Frost performed Michael Jackson’s “Living Off the Wall” to the delight of graduates and their families. After that performance, Frost showed his gratitude to his grandmother by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers.

“My grandma said to me, look, if you do this Broadway thing, I support you, but you’ve got to go back to school,” Myles said during the interview. “My grandmother is 90 years young and still jazzy.”

Soon, Frost will begin rehearsals to reprise his award-winning role in “MJ the Musical” in London. It has been more than a year since Frost left his Michael Jackson role on Broadway. After the performance at the BSU, it appears Frost has not lost any of his award-winning moves. The London run of the musical begins in March, and he continues to have the support of Jackson’s children and brothers in the role.

“Since I created the role, I care a lot about Michael and how he’s portrayed,” said Frost about preparing for London. “People who were not able to come to New York will see the magic of this show.  I’m super excited.”

In 2024, Frost will continue to share his talents through the release of his first album. Frost also promises a few more surprises for his fans.

See the full interview with Myles Frost on The Washington Informer’s “Informer LIVE” at MylesFrostInformerLive. 

Myles Frost on Instagram: @miles.frost

Source: Washington Informer


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