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From ‘X Factor’ Contestant to Fashion Entrepreneur

In a recent one-on-one interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with entrepreneur Chelsea Griffin. The burgeoning fashion mogul shared insights into her life: her journey from “The X Factor” to launching her own fashion line La Dama, and her commitment to body positivity.

From a young television show contestant to a fashion entrepreneur, Griffin’s story is one of perseverance, creativity, and a commitment to embracing one’s natural beauty. 

Washington Informer (WI): Let’s begin at the start, Chelsea. Who are you?

Chelsea Griffin: I’m Chelsea Griffin, an entrepreneur. I first stepped into the limelight in 2011 when I was a contestant on “X Factor.” That was my platform to connect with people, and that’s where I started to rise.

WI: Just for clarity, when you say “X Factor,” you mean the talent show akin to “America’s Got Talent”?

Griffin: Yes, precisely. I signed a contract and performed alongside judges like Gary Barlow from “Take That,” and Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child. However, [“X Factor”] was primarily U.K.-based.

WI: How did your role as a contestant on “X Factor” lead to what you’re doing now?

Griffin: At 16, “X Factor” opened my eyes. It was a platform for networking, which eventually allowed me to see the other side of the industry, like fashion. I participated in shoots and started doing things myself, like makeup, which led to my becoming a professional makeup artist. Moreover, I had always wanted to get into modeling, so I joined an agency. 

However, at that time, the modeling industry wasn’t very inclusive, with strict criteria for height and size. I promised myself that if the opportunity ever arose, I would tell girls that they are perfect just the way they are. This is the philosophy that inspired La Dama. 

WI: Tell us more about La Dama.

Griffin: La Dama began as a movement during the pandemic. It was a message to women that their natural selves were beautiful and exotic, a contrast to the specific body types perpetuated by platforms like Victoria’s Secret. We wanted women to accept their imperfections, such as stretch marks and scars. With time, La Dama evolved from a movement to a brand, and from retail to online, offering services, management, event organization, and PR.

WI: La Dama, in many ways, seems reminiscent of Rihanna’s Fenty brand, which also promotes body positivity. How do you perceive La Dama at this point, and what’s in store for the brand?

Griffin: We’re aiming for La Dama to grow as big as Fenty, which is an inspiration when it comes to empowering women. We also plan to broaden our reach to include men and the transgender community.

WI: What is the next step for La Dama?

Griffin: La Dama has expanded from just lingerie. We’re a service now. We assist other people and businesses. We recently worked with the BBC, Zeus Network, and La Dama collaborated with Jamie Foxx for a birthday event in London, which my models attended. We are considering re-entering platforms like ASOS, but presently sell direct to consumers online. While the brand drives our visibility, we do more than just retail. We’ve worked with Vogue Italia – we offer services, management, and event organization. It’s just me at the moment, but I’m doing a lot with the [La Dama] brand.

WI: How can those interested in La Dama connect with you or tap into the upcoming events and shows?

Griffin: We’ve partnered with Luxs London for London Fashion Week. We’ll have an upcoming runway event featuring international designers, some even from Thailand. The next big event will be a large-scale runway show next year, taking place in the U.K. We have some international collaborations in the works, so stay tuned if you’re in New York or D.C.!

Stay tuned for brand updates and upcoming events on Instagram.

Source: Washington Informer


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