NewsFriend of Clarence Thomas Exposed For Racist Texts

Friend of Clarence Thomas Exposed For Racist Texts

The Federal Court investigation into racist text messages sent by a conservative activist and law clerk, Crystal Clanton, encountered a disruption when Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas went to bat for her. 

The text messages, which were later confirmed by The Washington Post, read, “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like f*** them all.”

Other concerning messages spitting similar vitriol were listed. 

Clanton quickly defended herself against the accusations. She told the New Yorker, “I have no recollection of these messages and they do not reflect what I believe or who I am and the same was true when I was a teenager.” 

The order for the investigation was met with push back from those who she made connections with in the conservative legal world. She lived with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia “Ginni,” for a time. Additionally, after she finished law school she obtained clerkships with two different federal judges: Judge Corey Maze and Judge William Pryor. 

According to Reuters, Pryor and Maze both argued that the federal panel that ordered the investigation had no legal standing to do so and requested it be dropped immediately. 

Most notably, Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas — who’s been sitting on many of the most controversial decisions in the past decade, personally wrote a letter to the 2nd Circuit on Clanton’s behalf. He claimed that Clanton was caught in an act of “defamation” and that it was allegedly completely out of character for Clanton to say something like that. 

“I know Crystal Clanton and I know bigotry,” he wrote. “Bigotry is antithetical to her nature.”

The overwhelming support from her colleagues has resulted in the initial misconduct investigation being dropped.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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