SportsFrenchman Victor Wembanyama says Las Vegas is 'dystopia'

Frenchman Victor Wembanyama says Las Vegas is ‘dystopia’

Victor Wembanyama isn’t a fan of Las Vegas.
The San Antonio Spurs star rookie, who is from France, said the city is strange, to say the least.“I mean, to me, probably on earth, it’s the closest thing to a dystopia,” Wembanyama said. “So, I’m not the biggest fan of Vegas.”
The Las Vegas strip contains multiple hotels, casinos and arenas, with many buildings containing all three venues. The Bellagio Hotel includes nightly fountain shows accompanied by synchronized music. The hotels also contain malls with full-blown food courts and conference rooms that are used for press conferences promoting some of the biggest fights in the world. Many of the casinos are full of retired people gambling away the remainder of their life savings, obese people in wheelchairs who believe the only key to success in life comes from chance and smoky lobbies full of cigar and cigarette smoke. Some halls and lobbies contain mock pieces of some of the world’s most famous art pieces.Just outside of Clark County, where Las Vegas is, Nevada is one of the 16 states where the solicitation of certain people’s services are legal.
It is arguably the most entertaining vacationing place for a young person who believes they have little to lose.
Through Wembanyama’s first 27 games, he’s averaging 18.8 points, 10.4 rebounds and 3.2 blocks per game.

Source: Rolling Out

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