SportsFormer Atlanta Falcons join sports complex ownership group

Former Atlanta Falcons join sports complex ownership group

It all comes back to Jay-Z’s lyrics from 2017 for a group of former Atlanta Falcons.
“Legacy, legacy, legacy,” Mohamed Sanu said, reciting Hov’s lyrics. “[It’s about] Black excellence.”

Sanu, Christian Blake, Elijah Wilkinson and Sean Weatherspoon have joined the Legacy Sports Complex ownership group, which opened in January in Suwanee, Georgia, about an hour from the heart of downtown Atlanta. In the afternoon, students come straight from school to receive top-notch training from former professional athletes in a facility with a world-class weight and recovery room.
Recently, Sanu and Blake gave rolling out an all-access tour of the facility and opened up about the post-playing career business venture.You guys are also mentors. Why do Black youth need mentors to look up to?
Christian Blake: Man, it’s huge because it’s not something you choose to be in a situation like that. Having mentorship and having somewhere to go for that guidance like, “OK. I have someone to talk to.” An older brother, the uncle.
For me, [Sanu] was my big brother in the league. When I got into the league, I was fresh, wet behind the ears and didn’t know where to go left or right, Mo took me under his wing and he understood how big that was for me in my career. … Having somebody that’s done it, been there before, been in big situations, made the mistakes and say, “OK, no. This is where you need to go. I see you have potential. I see you have a bright future ahead of you.” That certainly guides you.
That’s all we try to do [here]. … So we [give] these kids financial advice, family advice, school advice, all of those things, start[ing] from 5 years old. After all the trials and tribulations we went through, we give them that experience.
Mohamed Sanu: [Like] coach Blake said, we try to give back from our own experiences.
We all have unique backgrounds, unique experiences and we may all be going through something similar but but different. If we’re able to give a gem to somebody and for them to know how to handle their specific situation, that’s what we’re here for. Because we’re trying to build the next generation. We’re trying to make sure that we leave a legacy and that’s what the whole brand is about. Legacy.
Legacy, legacy, legacy. Black excellence.
These recovery and physical therapy rooms look like you’re offering NFL treatment to everyday people.
MS: That’s what we want to do. We want everybody to have the same amenities, treatments and recovery tools as the pros experience.
When did you start looking at business beyond your playing career?
MS: From the start, honestly. I’ve always had this vision as a kid to have something like this, and God works in mysterious ways. He’s always aligned things and has been able to bless me with connections and I’m grateful to have met the people and build the connections I’ve had.

Source: Rolling Out

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