NewsFirst HBCU Doll Line Unveils Latest Spelman Addition To Collection

First HBCU Doll Line Unveils Latest Spelman Addition To Collection

HBCYou Dolls, the line created by a Hampton Alum to introduce HBCUs to a young audience, has unveiled its Spelman doll.

HBCYou Dolls has a new toy in its product line. This past fall, the HBCU-centered doll brand unveiled its latest toy representing Spelman, the notable all-female college in Atlanta.

Each doll is more than just a student; it holds positions such as homecoming queen and majorette that are part of the HBCU experience, as well as featuring their major.

“We started because of our mission to share the magic of HBCUs and plant the seed of higher learning in children,” said Jones. “So we have a cheer captain, a student body president, a homecoming queen, and a majorette, who are major archetypes of figures within the HBCU community.”

The Spelman doll is part of the Atlanta University Center, the hub of HBCUs within the city, representing the collection, with others boasting Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University attire. With more also included in the expansive collection, such as Florida A&M and Howard University, HBCU graduates and supporters can participate in this new tradition, especially as the gift-giving season is in full swing.

The dolls range from $34.99 and are considered memorable keepsakes that inspire children to succeed at HBCUs.

“I just want to make sure that we know that we’re educating the future generations about these wonderful institutions that have brought us where we are today,” stated the founder.

The dolls, a part of Purpose Toys, can be found in-store and online at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. For the Spelman Doll, while it is sold out currently, upon restock, they can be purchased exclusively at Target.

Source: Black Enterprise


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