NewsFirst Black Woman-owned Brewery Coming To Minnesota In 2025

First Black Woman-owned Brewery Coming To Minnesota In 2025

Brittney Mikell’s vision for her brewery extends beyond beer, offering a kid-friendly space and apprenticeships for brewers of color.

A trailblazing venture is on the horizon as Brittney Mikell prepares to unveil Minnesota’s inaugural Black woman-owned brewery.

“The brewing industry isn’t very diverse in our state and in general as it stands,” said Mikell, acknowledging the significance of her endeavor. “We tend to get a lot of innovation and a lot of new thoughts when there’s diversity involved in the picture. I think that as the brewing world matures because it’s been around for a little bit, that innovation piece is going to be really important.”

The brewery’s vision extends beyond just beer. Mikell envisions a warm, plant-filled oasis offering respite from Minnesota’s harsh winters, complete with kid-friendly spaces and apprenticeship programs for brewers of color. In addition to beer, the menu will feature non-alcoholic options like lemonade and lattes. As Mikell said, according to Eater Twin Cities, “We’re really focused on innovation — you have to make a damn good beer.” She is particularly excited for patrons to sample its Honeycrisp apple blonde ale.

Bubble Line aims to be a model for inclusivity and sustainability. Mikell plans to pay staff a living wage, implement eco-friendly brewing practices, and host several community events. A library nook stocked with home-brewing books will further foster education and engagement.

Source: Black Enterprise

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