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Federal probe into Diddy’s activities intensifies

Federal investigators are poised to present accusers of music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs to a federal grand jury, signaling that the U.S. Justice Department may be moving toward seeking an indictment. CNN reported that sources familiar with the probe have confirmed that potential witnesses have been informed they may need to testify before a federal grand jury in New York City. 

This step marks a significant escalation in the ongoing investigation involving the prominent producer and founder of Bad Boy Records. Since November, Combs has been implicated in eight civil lawsuits, seven of which directly accuse him of sexual assault. The eighth lawsuit accuses his son, Christian Combs, of sexual assault, with Sean Combs allegedly aiding and abetting.

CNN reported that their sources indicate that investigators are still gathering evidence and have not yet prepared witnesses for testimony, suggesting a meticulous and thorough approach. A DOJ spokesperson declined comment when contacted by the Black Press of America.

The investigation into Combs’ activities became public in March when federal agents searched his homes in Los Angeles and Miami. According to initial reports, a Department of Homeland Security team investigating human trafficking also looked into sex trafficking. Law enforcement sources later revealed that the investigation extends to allegations of money laundering and illegal drug activities.

Federal investigators have spoken with numerous plaintiffs in the civil suits filed against Combs since the searches. Combs publicly denied many allegations, labeling them as extortion attempts. In December 2023, after facing four lawsuits, Combs posted a vehement denial on social media, describing the accusations as “sickening” and asserting, “I did not do any of the awful things being alleged.”

The civil suits against Combs contain serious allegations. Former girlfriend Cassie Ventura filed and later settled a lawsuit alleging sexual assault. This month, Diddy’s former head of security, Roger Bonds, revealed he witnessed the hip-hop mogul being violent toward women “four or five times,” expressing no surprise at the 2016 footage of Combs brutally beating Ventura.

“It didn’t surprise me when I saw it because I’ve seen things of this nature before,” Bonds said in a televised interview. “I’ve gotten in between things like this back in 2012.” 

He described the 2016 incident where Combs was seen shoving, kicking, stomping, and dragging Ventura in a hotel hallway. When asked how many times he’d seen Combs become violent toward women, Bonds replied, “Around four or five times.” He added, “I’ve seen him [be violent] with Cassie and Kim Porter, his kid’s mother. I’ve seen him get physical, grabbing them up and getting into wrestling and punching matches.” 

Combs apologized for the 2016 incident in a recent Instagram video, calling his behavior “inexcusable” without directly addressing Ventura. 

“I take full responsibility for my actions in that video. I’m disgusted,” he said.

However, Ventura’s lawyer, Meredith Firetog, criticized Combs’ apology, calling it self-serving. 

“Combs’ statement is more about himself than the many people he has hurt. He only apologized after his repeated denials were proven false,” she said. 

Two recent lawsuits, filed by former fashion student April Lampros and former model Crystal McKinney, claim Combs drugged them. Lampros alleges that Combs forced her to take ecstasy and demanded she have sex with one of his former girlfriends before raping her. Combs has not responded to these specific accusations.

In a separate lawsuit from November, Joi Dickerson-Neal accused Combs of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 1991 when she was a college student. She also alleged that Combs recorded the assault and shared the footage without her consent. Combs’ legal team has sought to dismiss parts of this lawsuit, calling the allegations “false, offensive, and salacious.”

CNN reported that federal investigators have obtained video footage from Combs’ residences. However, it is still being determined whether the footage was seized during the searches or provided by individuals questioned during the investigation. 

“A source mentioned that investigators are contacting people identified in these videos,” CNN noted.

At least one male sex worker has been questioned, claiming victimization by Combs. According to reports, investigators’ footage shows this person. Some lawsuits allege that Combs recorded sexual encounters without the participants’ consent. 

While Combs has not explicitly addressed these claims, he has broadly denied all alleged wrongdoing.

Accusers who have spoken to federal agents have reportedly cooperated, providing evidence they believe is relevant to the investigation. New individuals, including those who can corroborate the accusers’ claims, are also being questioned.

Source: Washington Informer


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