NewsFastest-Growing Black-Owned Wine Tour Expands to Over 16 Cities in 2024

Fastest-Growing Black-Owned Wine Tour Expands to Over 16 Cities in 2024

NationwideWine Crawl, known for curating unique Food, Wine, and Spirits experiences, is thrilled to announce its expansion to over 16 cities across the United States. This exciting growth comes as a result of the success and popularity of the Wine Crawl events in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington DC.

What began as a hunch inspired by a memorable trip to Napa Valley by its founder has now evolved into a series of curated offerings in different cities of brunches, tastings dinners and excursions all built around food, wine and spirits. The expansion reflects Wine Crawl’s commitment to bringing unparalleled experiences to connoisseurs and novices alike, fostering a community united by shared love for exquisite flavors.

Wine Crawl launched in Chicago and has grown to include franchises in Birmingham, DMV Washington D.C Maryland, Virginia) and Raleigh. With Event Managers in Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Dallas, Portland, San Antonio and Miami/Ft Lauderdale. With launches scheduled for 2024 in Austin, Charlotte, Los Angeles and New York City. Each city on the Wine Crawl roster promises a unique blend of cultural richness, diverse themes, and of course, a carefully curated selection of exceptional wines and spirits. Its motto is “become a tourist in your own town”. Wine Crawl also provides destination excursions to Napa Valley and this fall, will embark on its first trip to Italy with stops in Rome and Florence.

“From day one, Wine Crawl has been dedicated to introducing its attendees to a diverse group of winemakers, venues and chefs. We’ve helped introduce audiences to emerging, diverse brands like Shoe Crazy, Stuyvesant Champagnes, Sip and Share, Poised, Love Luvv, Exclusive and many more. We’re committed to continue that tradition” said founder Glenn Murray.

For more information about Wine Crawl and to stay updated on upcoming events, please visit Follow Wine Crawl on social media for the latest news, event announcements, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Wine Crawl, a division of Food, Wine and Spirits Ventures LLC is a curator of private Food, Wine, and Spirits experiences, committed to delivering exceptional events that celebrate the finer things in life. Wine Crawl brings together enthusiasts, experts, and novices to experience tastings in unique ways.

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