SportsFans cook Angel Reese and LSU after blowout loss on opening night

Fans cook Angel Reese and LSU after blowout loss on opening night

Angel Reese and the LSU Tigers got trampled on social media user after suffering a resounding loss to the Colorado Buffaloes on Monday, Nov. 6, 2023.
The No. 1 ranked Tigers became the first defending national champions to lose their opening game in nearly 30 years after getting vanquished 92-78 in a game that was not even that close.The Buffaloes were in command of the game from the opening tip, powered by the trio of Frida Formann (27 points), Aaronette Vonleh (24 points), and Jaylyn Sherrod (19 points). Meanwhile, Reese had a subpar performance by making only 6 of 15 shot attempts, had the ball stolen several times, and finished with 15 points and 12 rebounds.  
Reese in particular was furiously flamed on X (formerly known as Twitter) by mostly White folks who believe she is both arrogant and classless.

Angel Reese if she weren’t 6′ 3″
— boxingfan333 (@boxingfan3333) November 7, 2023

Angel Reese in 6 months
— patrickbeverleyfuckingsucks (@kawhisburnerac1) November 7, 2023

Some sports fans came to Reese’s defense. The “Bayou Barbie” became the darling of the sports world and pop culture when her Tigers defeated Caitlyn Clark — the nation’s best player — and the Iowa Hawkeyes to claim LSU’s first-ever national championship. Reese, however, was lambasted by mostly White Americans because she flashed the “you can’t see me” hand gesture in front of Clark’s face as the game ended. They called her “ghetto” and other demeaning names and said she exhibited poor sportsmanship.

Y’all still bitter Angel Reese beat Caitlin Clark. Move on.
— Meka (@mylife82_) November 7, 2023

Why do people talk about Caitlyn Clark like she was unjustly robbed of a championship by Angel Reese?
She played and lost. Period
That’s on her and her team. That has nothing to do with Angel or the team in a whole new season
The misogynoir is blatant at this point
— You can call me DOCTOR Ash now (@Miss_AshG) November 7, 2023

Throughout the spring and summer, Reese cashed in on her newfound fame and became the nation’s leading NIL (name, image, and likeness) procurer in all college basketball, men’s or women’s.
Therefore, when Reese and LSU suffered an embarrassing loss to Colorado to begin the 2023-24 season, many were very eager to rip the Bayou Barbie to shreds for their poor performance.
The first people to troll Reese and the Tigers were none other than the Colorado Buffaloes women’s squad who had been living under the giant shadow that Reese had cast:

— Colorado Women’s Basketball 🦬 (@CUBuffsWBB) November 7, 2023

aneesah morrow, angel reese, and haley van lith on LSU
— ♚ (@Tigerhawk_King) November 7, 2023

angel reese when she cant bully her way into the paint against far east movement state university
— 3:5:35🫡 (@probablyatypo) November 7, 2023

Angel Reese isn’t even the second best player on her team and y’all made her out to be the next Lisa Leslie. Sit down, ESPN.
— Ryan Landry (@ryanland3344) November 7, 2023

Bet Angel Reese don’t follow Caitlin Clark around this year. 😭
— FOG ADVISORY 🚨🐘 (@rolltide2023) November 7, 2023

Source: Rolling Out

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