NewsFamily Of Teen Found Dead In Gym Mat, File $1B Federal Lawsuit

Family Of Teen Found Dead In Gym Mat, File $1B Federal Lawsuit

Kendrick Johnson (Image: Twitter)

“We live there,” said Kenneth Johnson, Kendrick’s father. “We know how this town is.  We know how they will lie.  We know how they will cover up for one another.”

With their new lawsuit, the Johnsons intend to uncover the truth of what happened to their son the day his body was found by classmates.

However, after a year of investigation, the sheriff’s office once again ruled Johnson’s death an accident.

The Johnsons have refuted these claims from the start and believe their son was murdered by someone on the school grounds. They’ve had two additional autopsies done on Kendrick’s body which concluded his death was the cause of blunt force trauma. Medical examiners also found that several of Johnson’s organs had been removed.
“They killed the wrong child, but they got the right parents because we are going to continue to fight for Kendrick,” Jackie Johnson said. “Nobody really cares. Nobody wants Kendrick to get justice. It’s just like shut this family up, sending them on their way, but what they didn’t realize is the Johnson family is not going anywhere.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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