SportsEx-NBA star Joe Smith goes off about his wife's secret OnlyFans page...

Ex-NBA star Joe Smith goes off about his wife’s secret OnlyFans page (video)

Former NBA star Joe Smith (Image source: YouTube/BSO)
Joe Smith, the former No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, became irate when he found out his wife has been keeping a secret OnlyFans page.
Smith is a former University of Maryland star who was the Golden State Warriors’ top pick in the draft in 1995. He was being secretly recorded by his wife, Kisha Chavis, as the couple argued about the sexually explicit material she’s been displaying on the platform without his knowledge or consent.

Ex NBA player Joe Smith finds out his wife has an Only Fan
— SHO’NUFF (@IAMSHO_NUFF) October 30, 2023

The back story to this currently explosive episode in their lives maybe even more interesting than the OnlyFans page.
First, internet sleuths discovered that Davis is a former porn actress who once operated under the name Yasmine Pendavis. Chavis’ OnlyFans page is under the name Kyss Major which matches the name she used during her singing career. Fans may also remember Chavis’ reality TV stint on “Say Yes To The Dress” where she used the name Kisha “Kiss” Chavis. Secondly, Smith was once a heralded basketball talent coming out of Maryland and made over $60 million during his career with 11 different NBA teams. However, Smith blew through those millions of dollars and was, four years ago, $150,000 in debt and only had $3,000 in his bank account. 
The argument the couple was embroiled in regarding her OnlyFans may emanate from the fact that they can no longer afford the luxuries they were once accustomed to.

The fact that Chavis tried to convey that she’s by herself in the risqué OnlyFans videos and photos did little to ease the anguish on her husband’s face. Chavis also threw it in Smith’s face that he knew who she was before he met her. She added that she never wanted to return to that life, but that present circumstances necessitated her moving into this provocative space because it is allegedly providing a financial windfall for the family.
Not surprisingly, social media weighed in on the matter with some castigating Chavis, while some others imploring Smith to join her on OnlyFas to ease the financial burdens they are currently saddled with.

So you mean to tell me that #JoeSmith #wife issa former porn star?! Bro, why did you marry her in da 1st place?! You shoulda known this was Gona happen! 💯🥴 #Warriors #NBATwitter #NBA #onlyfans #onlyfansgirl #304
— iMentOs™ #D4L (@WiltDaCEO) October 30, 2023

This app is insane. Joe Smith? Really? That’s who the next 1 million think pieces will be about? Joe f’ing Smith. Who’s next, Fred Van Fleet and his list of places not to take him on a date? I hate y’all.
— Bad Rap (@skapes777) October 30, 2023

When you find out Joe Smith’s wife was an adult performer…..
— Blue Monkey (@DeeELJay_81) October 30, 2023

The only thing that makes me think that Joe Smith video is real is the anguish on his face 😂
— Will🏁 (@BMDub_iLL) October 30, 2023

#JoeSmith was like…..
— Avery T (@Avery__T) October 30, 2023

None of my business (even tho she made it my business)…but I feel bad for Joe Smith. The world woke up to the fact that your wife used to do prOn AND y’all having money problems. T’s & P’s, my good man…
— Sizzle Chest Rockwell (@JustCallMeMav) October 30, 2023

Source: Rolling Out

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