NewsEx-NBA Player Finds Success In Educational Franchise Industry

Ex-NBA Player Finds Success In Educational Franchise Industry

Mike Robinson was born and raised in Chicago and went to school in Michigan. After school, he had the opportunity to play professional basketball in both Europe and South America for a few seasons. Following his sports career, Robinson became a financial planner with Edward Jones.

Like many others, Robinson used the downtime that the pandemic provided to explore other business opportunities. 

While building his Snapology franchise, Robinson faced and overcame challenges. “Just getting into the schools was tough.  Our efforts through social media were slow, so we decided to go straight to the schools and introduce our programs.”  His best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who are considering starting a business or investing in a franchise is to do your research, have faith, work hard, and believe you offer the best service around.

Robinson is very happy with his choice of the Snapology brand. “The income is very nice. But what’s most important to me is how rewarding it is to be a Snapology owner and bring all of this wonder to kids. I get such satisfaction and joy from helping kids, watching them learn and grow. Many of the children we work with come from very underprivileged communities, which is an added benefit in the rewards category.”

He continued, “These programs are literally enriching their lives, giving them opportunities they may not otherwise have had. And that’s something I know a little bit about because that was my own story, too. I was raised very similarly. You know, when I was a broker, the reward was simply financial in nature, not emotional. But with Snapology, it’s both financially and emotionally rewarding. A real win-win. It’s meaningful, and that’s something you can’t assign a dollar value.”

With Robinson’s success so far, he’s already making plans to grow.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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