NewsEx Law Enforcement Worker Lied About Being Carjacked By 2 Black Men

Ex Law Enforcement Worker Lied About Being Carjacked By 2 Black Men

An unknown criminal dressed in black with tools of the trade stealing a car. (Getty Images)

A law enforcement employee in Florida reported a fake carjacking and blamed it on two Black men he claimed shot him. It was discovered that the white man lied about the incident and was subsequently charged with various crimes.

Police authorities stated that Wood informed them that the two Black men showed him a gun and threatened to kill him before he was shot in the thigh. He claimed to have collected the shell casing before leaving the area to take himself to safety. He also alleged that he used his own weapon to fire about five rounds in self-defense after they shot him. He stated he believed he hit one of the suspects with the shots.

Wood was taken to a local hospital, where detectives spoke to him. There, the former Hernando County Sheriff’s Office’s telecommunicator admitted that he lied about the incident. He said he was “playing” with his gun while in his vehicle when it went off while he was at Linda Pedersen Park. He was upset because he was having issues with his girlfriend. He claimed he made up the story so he wouldn’t get in trouble.
Sheriff Al Nienhuis said, “These types of situations are relatively rare, unfortunate, and unpleasant. My administration, however, has a very public reputation of holding my people accountable for their actions. The public can be confident that when an employee does something of this nature, they will forfeit their ability to be associated with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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