NewsEx-ESPN Newscaster Thrown From His RV On California Freeway

Ex-ESPN Newscaster Thrown From His RV On California Freeway

Cordell Patrick was left in critical condition after the accident.

Cordell Patrick, a former ESPN sportscaster, was shockingly ejected from his RV on Jan. 15, while traveling on a California freeway. 

According to KTLA, while in the RV with his wife and their beagle, the vehicle drove over the center median, causing Patrick to be thrown through the front windshield and onto the opposite side of the 14 freeway. The entire incident was caught on a nearby dashboard camera. Patrick rolled over several times on the street before stopping. The sportscaster and his wife were heading home after a Menifee camping trip before they crashed, and Patrick had only unbuckled his seatbelt to go to the bathroom in the RV before he was ejected. 

“So instead of going straight, we were headed toward the median,” he said, “I tried grabbing the steering wheel, but before I could grab it we already had an impact.”

Despite being flung from the car, Patrick survived but was hospitalized. Thankfully, his wife and their beagle were unharmed. 

Patrick explained, “It was divine intervention. If you didn’t think there was a higher power before this, I’m a living witness and I’ve got a living testimony to tell.”

“I do know how I am alive, by the grace of God. That was divine intervention and nothing else.”

Even after flying out of his own vehicle, a passerby who stopped to help Patrick admitted that the sportscaster was only worried about his wife. He told the outlet, “His biggest concern was, ‘How was my wife?’ I was like, ‘You’re the one who flew out of the vehicle.’ He was more concerned about her.”

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