NewsElderly Woman Killed By Falling Bricks In Brooklyn Tragedy

Elderly Woman Killed By Falling Bricks In Brooklyn Tragedy

Her son, Wylie Singer, told the media outlet that he heard a sound and ran downstairs to see his mother lying down unconscious.
“All I know is I heard a sound, the sound of the façade falling. I ran downstairs to see my mother at the bottom of the landing, unconscious, dead.”

People also reported that the NYC Department of Buildings stated that forensic engineers issued a vacate order for the structure after a full inspection of the building. They gave the property owner a summons for failure to maintain the building and ordered them to hire a structural engineer and submit an engineer report to DOB on the status of the building.
A neighbor of the victim stated that she witnessed firefighters trying to save Singer.

“That big piece over the door was what hit her,” she said. “I feel so sorry for her. She was a lovely person. I don’t know how the face of the building came down like that.”
Dale’s husband also showed up at the scene after the incident and quickly left in a cab to be with his wife at the hospital.

It was not known if the heavy downpouring of snow contributed to the falling of the facade or if it was an issue due to the structure of the building.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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