NewsEEOC Reports 50% Increase In Workplace Discrimination Lawsuits

EEOC Reports 50% Increase In Workplace Discrimination Lawsuits

Reports show that Black employees are not exempt from this form of marginalization. For example, former Director of Information Technology Carla Smith alleged she was “systemically forced out” due to her age, BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported. The EEOC defines systemic cases as “pattern or practice, policy and/or class cases where the discrimination has a broad impact on an industry, profession, company or geographic location,” as stated in a report. Smith, then 53, claimed that a younger supervisor fired her after she raised concerns about ageism in the workplace, which violates the law. The supervisor later resigned.

“When I took a vacation and I came back, I was told I was being terminated. It was traumatic, to say the least. I feel as if, like I said, I’m just one of millions of middle-aged professionals [who] really just want to do our jobs. I know that the treatment, I feel, was unfair. I also think that treatment was illegal,” Smith told WSB-TV.

“Combating systemic harassment in workplaces is a key strategic enforcement priority for the EEOC. Unfortunately, as the lawsuits EEOC has filed this fiscal year show, racial harassment remains a persistent problem in employment. Every employee deserves to have their civil rights respected, and no worker should endure the kind of shameful racial bigotry our investigation revealed,” said Burrows in a written statement. 

In order to free up resources, the EEOC announced its launch of E-File for Attorneys, an application which allows attorneys to submit charges of discrimination electronically on behalf of their clients. Attorneys will now be able to immediately upload charges signed by their clients or create a charge for their clients to sign and submit through the EEOC Public Portal.

“We listened to requests from attorneys that we provide them with a streamlined process to submit charges of discrimination on behalf of their clients and found a solution that would also enable the EEOC to better serve the public,” Burrows said.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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