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Dwyane Wade recalls moment in his life that was harder than the NBA Finals

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union (Photo credit: Bang Media)
Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been open about how they handle things in their marriage, whether it’s with finances, children, or other family issues.
In a resurfaced interview with Shannon Sharpe, Wade spoke on infidelity in his relationship. Sharpe asked Wade what was harder between losing the NBA Finals or having to tell Gabrielle Union that he was having a kid with another woman.“Way harder to have a conversation,” Wade said. You try to think about everything possible. It’s all scary, you know this is going to hurt someone you’ve been building a relationship with, a life with.”
In 2013, Wade had a short breakup with Union, which is when he had his son Xavier Wade with Aja Metoyer.Wade expressed that he told Union about the situation before it became public, and there was a lot going on during that time in his life, but Union stood with her man.
“I couldn’t have gotten through that moment without her sticking with me,” Wade said. “That was a rough time for me. You’re keeping something from the people you love and it’s heavy.
“It hasn’t been perfect, it will never be perfect, but that was nine years ago. We go to therapy, we’ve had shouts about it, we’ve had regular conversations about it, and it’s something that I have to continue to work at. It doesn’t go away because years come or I say ‘I’m sorry.’”

Source: Rolling Out


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