NewsDon Lemon Doesn't 'Have To Worry About' Trouble On His New Show

Don Lemon Doesn’t ‘Have To Worry About’ Trouble On His New Show

Don Lemon is gearing up for his return to news talk by way of his new X talk show “The Don Lemon Show.”

Don Lemon is gearing up for his return to news talk by way of his new X talk show “The Don Lemon Show.”

Last month, Lemon announced that his new show would allow him to be “bigger, bolder, freer,” and be available to anyone by way of the Twitter/X platform.

Now as he gears up for the launch of his new talk show, Lemon is sharing how much more he “enjoys” his new work style since he has more “freedom.”

“It’s a lot of work, so I really enjoy doing it — but it is a little bit unnerving because it is new, but exciting,” he told Page Six.

“I am going to be the same — but more. Just wait, I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble. Freedom it’s the best feeling, freedom.”

When asked about the leniency he’s afforded on Elon Musk’s X platform, Lemon says his beauty routine is more laid back than his days on CNN.

“I don’t really need makeup. I can get somebody to do my makeup, but I have done my own for a long time… When I am out on the field I do it on my own,” he said.

“I don’t mind my phone not ringing. I like the peace. I have always known who my real friends are… I don’t hold grudges. You do you, I do me.”

Last week, Lemon teased his return in a tweet that also celebrated Black History Month.

“Starting off this 5th day of #BlackHistoryMonth by gearing up for #TheDonLemonShow & thanking God & the ancestors for blessings in disguise,” he wrote. “🙏🏾Wishing you a prosperous day as well. How y’all doing?”

“Boy, did we keep it fun and interesting! Ah, the good old days. Happy Black History Month!” he wrote in a tweet at the start of Black History Month.

Source: Black Enterprise

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