NewsDo These 7 Things To Set The Stage For 2024

Do These 7 Things To Set The Stage For 2024

Do these 7 essential things, starting right now, in order to best prepare yourself for the most effective and promising New Year yet.


Kick Hindering Habits
Look yourself in the mirror and acknowledge this: if it is not adding to you, it is subtracting from you. Right now, at this very moment, is the time to lay bad habits to rest. There is no need to hold on to anything that hasn’t been a tangible addition to your livelihood, spirit, or bank account. Let it go.

Clean Your Home
You may have come across a few New Year superstitions in your time that suggests that a Happy New Year relies on the cleanliness of your home. Not sure if this is true. Totally sure that tidy spaces allow for the valuable opportunity to think clearly, relax comfortably, and plan accordingly. Wash your clothes, clean under your bed, clean out the fridge and greet the New Year fresh, clean, and renewed.
Vision Board

New Year’s Resolution

Fish, Black-Eyed Peas, Collard Greens.
Eat all three, together, on New Year’s Day, and you’ll have good luck, abundance, and prosperity. These are the rules. It doesn’t have to make sense to work. Just eat it.

Put Your Game Face On

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Source: Black Enterprise

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