NewsDitch the NYE's Party Plans And Try One Of These Alternatives

Ditch the NYE’s Party Plans And Try One Of These Alternatives

Instead of spending New Year’s Eve out on the town, try one of these three to save yourself money and the hassle.

Spending New Year’s Eve out on the town can be very expensive and frustrating. Not only do clubs, lounges, and bars triple their admittance fees, but oftentimes, they’re too crowded to enjoy. Meanwhile, finding the right outfit and a designated driver or transportation can become a burden. Plus, we tend to set high expectations for special occasions like this, which leaves lots of room for disappointment.
There’s no need to worry if you haven’t had time or money to buy a new outfit, your friends are flaking out on your plans to go out, or your expense party fund is running low. Instead of spending NYE out and about, try one of these three alternatives to save yourself money and all the hassle.

Bring the Party to Your House
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If you can’t make it to a party, bring the party to you! If you have the space and the means to buy a few snacks, invite your friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate New Year’s Eve at your place. Even if you send invites on short notice, a few people are bound to stop by. Just let them know to BYOB or stop at a local convenience store to buy food and drinks.
Stay Home and Count Your Blessings
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If you’re not in the partying mood, stay home, pop a bottle, meditate, and reflect on all the good things you’ve experienced throughout the year. This would also be a good time to start writing out some of your New Year resolutions and goals.

Catch Up on Your Favorite Shows
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New Year’s Eve marathons are the best! Why not binge-watch classic comedy sitcoms like The Honeymooners, Cheers, and Good Times?
Go to Church
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Many churches and religious buildings will be holding watch night service on New Year’s Eve, a great place to give thanks and appreciate your blessings. Plus, the energizing atmosphere, music, and positive energy will leave you feeling uplifted and ready for the new year.

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