NewsDiddy And Diageo Continue Their Series Of Court Battles

Diddy And Diageo Continue Their Series Of Court Battles

Sean Combs and Diageo continue their court battles as the mogul sued the liquor conglomerate on Oct. 27 in the New York Supreme Court. According to the Daily Beast, Combs claims that he faces “unlawful retaliation by a powerful international corporation” following legal fallout brought about by his choice to sue the company for racial discrimination in May. Combs also alleged that the company did not promote brands Combs was associated with, Ciroc and DeLeon as well as they did others. 

In the lawsuit, Combs claims that Diageo has blackballed him from the liquor and spirits industry, saying that “Diageo has instructed distributors and retailers of DeLeón not to talk to Mr. Combs about his own brand. Diageo, with its massive power in the industry, is doing everything it can to send a message, not only to Mr. Combs but to others like him: Speak up and you will be punished.”

Robert T. Chin, had of Spirits at Combs Wines and Spirits, also claims in an affidavit that, “Diageo representatives began cancelling meetings and failing to timely respond to communications written by Combs Wines’ representatives, which was out of the norm.”

Chin added, “And, for the first time, Diageo took the position that Mr. Combs was not allowed to attend meetings with Diageo about DeLeón.”

Diageo, for their part has responded to the claims via a statement issued to the Daily Beast.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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